Set your business up the right way with The Digital Blewprint

Cannot have the right digital footprint without the Digital BlewPrint!

What Are You Able To Do:

  • Understand your business better

  • Document your business ideas

  • Document your sales process

  • Create SOP's to help your team members complete tasks

  • Organize your Team Software Tools

  • Organize your Cloud Storage System (Ex. Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox)

  • Allows you automate your business once you have everything documented!

Take your Business to the next level with The Digital BizBlewPrint

Elevate your business to new heights with The Digital BizBlewPrint, allow us to help you claim your digital real estate & thrive in the digital world effortlessly.

Get up & running with a quick turn around time

We can get your business running super fast, so you can start making money sooner and worry less about waiting around thanks to our efficient and streamlined process

Set up Team collaboration
software Tools

Setting up team collaboration software tools makes it easy for your team to work together seamlessly, boosting productivity and teamwork.

Allow customers to find, connect & purchase from you online

Letting customers find, connect, and buy from you online is crucial because it makes your products or services accessible 24/7, just a few clicks away, making their lives simpler and your business more competitive.

Automate the business once you have everything documented

Once you've got everything documented, automating your business is like putting it on autopilot – saving you time and effort in the long run.


Question #1: What if I have multiple team members?

Answer: We will work with the decision makers to help set the business backend up on the company's behalf

Question #2: How do you help set up our business backend?

Answer: After our business consultation will go through the various phases to document your business and by the end of the service you will have your backend built and documented for you to review as a digital packet. If you need help with anything with help build you can always submit a support ticket to

Question #3: How will you help us get noticed by our customers online?

Answer: We can help you build digital pages to get discovered by your customers. We can connect your custom domain to a funnel, landing page, website or info page to get discovered by your customers. We can also build forms to collect customer information so you can reach out to them.

Question #4: Do you offer a payment plan?

Answer: Yes, you can play 1/2 to get started and the final 1/2 two weeks later! Final payment must be sent to receive digital packet and all things worked on.

Question #5: How will you help me set up team collaboration tool?

Answer: Based on your business process, resources etc we will recommend software tools to use and the best feature of the software to use in your business. If you are interested in having us set up your software tools we do provide that service at an extra charge.

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